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Mos is quoque effrego?

I always thought that Lorem Ipsum was random text, but accourding to the site http://www.lipsum.com, it is actually from a a book by Cicero called de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum. It’s important to use Lorem Ipsum in development. Just yesterday, I sent a screenshot of a web application to a user in an effort to educate the user about proper usage. I used a test case to fill the screenshot with realistic information, and didn’t notice that another text box in the application contained the words, “Is this going to break too?” Oh well. I pointed out to the user later that the mere existence of the text in the screenshot implies that the answer is “No,” but the damage was done.

So always test with Lorem Ipsum. Just make sure it doesn’t contain the phrase “Mos is quoque effrego?”


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Keywords: IE, iframes, printing

First I should admit that I don’t think of myself primarily as a frontend web developer. I’ve always thought of myself as an enterprise architect first, and a backend programmer second. I have no stake in the debates over liquid design versus tables, or over the inherent evilness of frames and iframes. But sometimes, like today, I have to wade right in. Briefly, I have a web application which allows users to build an HTML report from various dynamically generated ASP.Net forms, and users have the ability to upload attachments to the report. The attachments are primarily Microsoft Office documents with a few JPEGS and plain text thrown in.

So naturally the users want everything to display inline and print from a single button. (more…)

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