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The Alpha Walkers

Standing on the platform at Ogilvie, waiting
as others pass by, to board the Wheaton Rocket!
‘Cause the last ones in are the first ones out
with the best chance to beat the evening riot.

“Ding Dong” the doors are closing, and all aboard
the laggards take their seats. But Alpha Walkers
stand all the way home, watching, pensively peering
at their phones or reading their newspapers.

Some riders get up at Elmhurst, and make their way
towards the door, forming a line. But already in
the vestibule Alphas are planning their exit,
blocking the stragglers now just wandering in.

Rounding the great Glen Ellyn Pause
on the 504 Express, the Alpha Walkers
make ready to disembark. With steely eyes they
coil themselves and glare at any talkers

stealing attention from the grim task ahead.
Now approaching: Wheaton! Steady-on, lads!
The train slows, creeps, shutters to a stop.
With a “Ding Dong” the doors open at last.

Out they pop like synchronized champagne corks
to the delight of the staff at Adelle’s.
“Ho! Look at them go!” as they pause with trays
of food and drink, taking in the days’ spectacle.

Some walk, some run! At the leading edge of
the crowd, the Alpha Walkers seize the day.
Into their cars first, onto the street first,

thus getting away
while escaping the purgatory of delay.



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Bald Head

Bald head. Bald head.

Wearing glasses with thick black rims
and a warm winter coat of red.
But oddly no hat is perched upon your head!

Jostling my elbow as you hurry past,
where are you going so fast?

Farewell, bald head. Bald head.


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