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Within an Active Directory domain, NTFS has a very flexible and extensive system for authorization of user access to files. When coupled with a network share, there is one additional layer of security to pass. So in order to for a user to have permission to access an NTFS file through a network share, there are four conditions that must be met. The following assumes that the user has been authenticated within a domain.


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I Am Rich

Via Slashdot: I Am Rich

Now that the [iPhone] is affordable enough for a wider audience, a new status symbol has emerged: a seemingly useless application called “I Am Rich”… Its function is exactly what the name implies: to alert people that you have money in the bank. I Am Rich was available for purchase from the phone’s App Store for, get this, $999.99

I wonder how long it will take for open source developers to create and distribute a free clone.

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