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Keywords: Open Office, Ghostscript, Do It Yourself Convert Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint to PDF

I’ve written a small program that uses Open Office to open and save different kinds of Microsoft Office files to PDF, and optionally merge them into a single output PDF file using GPL Ghostscript. I posted the code and article at the Code Project: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/java/PDFCM.aspx.

It’s a command line program, and we’re using a simplified version of it in production to do back-office conversions and merges of office files that we get from filling out forms internally and others that we get from customers. There are potentially many documents, and they can vary in size, so it is very cumbersome to cut, paste, print and scan everything to PDF (which is what our staff were doing when I started this project.)

Fortunately, it turns out that (1) one can use PRNADMIN.DLL with a Postscript Printer driver and an ActiveX IE browser to render a web page to Postscript, (2) Open Office can batch convert Microsoft Office files (and many more) to PDF, and (3) Ghostscript will merge Postscript and PDF on the command line.


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