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Keywords: Exception Handling in Java, out parameters in C#

I’ve been thinking a lot about error handling lately. And my new mantra is locality, locality, locality.

My day to day programming work is primarily in C#, but it used to be in Java. I still do some work in Java. Last year, I designed and built (with help) a multi-tier web application for internal application form processing. It included an (MVC) presentation layer, a business layer, and a data access layer. Each form contains up to ~400 different kinds of data fields that may or may not be present in each form instance (depending on how it is filled out.)


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Bicycling This Weekend

Just came back from Charlotte, NC! I organized a small bicycling trip among friends, and we converged on that fair city and had our pick of many exciting road routes in the area. Unfortunately, I don’t think there was ever a city more surrounded by thunderstorms as was Charlotte this past Saturday, so on Saturday we ended up driving into Virginia to pick up the Blue Ridge Parkway outside of the town of Meadows of Dan. Locally, this is pronounced like “metasedan”, which sounds a little bit like a car racing game, or even a little bit like “Medicine Man”. It was still rainy in those parts, and cold, about 55 degrees, and I was having trouble with asthma.

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