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Topics: Servlets, Open Office Development

Recently I worked on incorporating an existing, working Open Office 2.3 based solution into a Java servlet, Tomcat Everything worked fine until I dropped the bootstrapping code into a session bean, and then I got the dreaded “No office executable found” error. It happened when I tried to start up Open Office in the servlet using the com.sun.star.comp.helper.Bootstrap.bootstrap() method. Evidently I’m not alone, as there are any number of threads on this error at the Open Office community forums. Most of these threads are very helpful to read, but one of the frequent responders recently did a great job of distilling the knowledge there into a jar file solution that can be included right in your web-app’s classpath. It fixed the problem I was having right away.

An excellent solution to “No office executable found”

If you find it useful, please go there and leave a thank-you!


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