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Recently at work, I’ve been getting feedback on a web application that we deployed in the last six months having to do with what happens when copies are made of objects in that web application. It’s basically a set of web forms that internally keeps track of customers and their relationship to services we provide. The system was designed to do shallow copies of name/address records and deep copies of terms of services. This way our employees can look across different services offered to the same customers, and actually see the same customer address records each time. I.e. Update the customer’s address in one place, and  it automagically updates on all of the web forms for different services provided to those same customers.

So it turns out everyone is surprised by this.


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Long Time, No Write

No, I do not intend to abandon the blog. However, as a father and a professional, I have other hobbies to occupy me. Family life and work have been going very well.
I will respond to comments soon.

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